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100 word response 1 reference Due 1/28/2023


In addition to preventing formerly incarcerated individuals from leaving their past behind, existing criminal justice and social policies create barriers to effective prisoner reentry and rehabilitation. Inmates are forced to wear their crimes on their chests like scarlet A’s. Research has shown that in order for criminals to improve the reentry experience they have health, housing, skill development, mentorship, social networks, and the collaborative efforts of public and private organizations” (Goger, 2022). However research has also shown that “more than half of the formerly incarcerated are unable to find stable employment within their first year of return and three-fourths of them are rearrested within three years of release” (Goger, 2022). Several states permit employers to deny jobs to individuals who were previously arrested and convicted of a crime because of policies such as this. Factors such as their criminal record, lack of education and the stigma of incarceration, and a lack of employment history contribute to limited employment opportunities (American Psychological Association, 2018). It is no coincidence that their housing issues are related to issues they face in the labor industry. There is a standard that denies those who have been previously convicted of drug or felony convictions from being able to receive public housing. These same individuals cannot receive food stamps or other federal assistance. Consequently, if an individual cannot get a job, housing, or a sustainable amount of food, why would they not go back to jail, where they can receive all of those things without hassle?

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