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Respond to discussion 1

Discuss the relevance and integration of the two selected scriptural passages for this section of the course into the teaching and learning of mathematics, including various approaches to assessment and remediation.  You are looking at this from a secular point of view as well as a Christian point of view – how would a non-Christian teacher approach the teaching of mathematics and the changes required in instruction and assessment?  How would a Christian teacher approach it? Post a thorough discussion, and comment freely and deeply on the comments of your classmates?

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The scriptures chosen for this week both share similar themes– trusting God to provide all of your needs and the desires of your heart. Both scriptures speak of being prayerful and having faith about the future– even though we cannot see what is to come and or may not understand. 

This is relevant to my current circumstances, and probably some of yours as well. While leading up to this term, I kept asking myself one question. As an educator, that is not fluent in math, how will I be able to succeed in a course that focuses on teaching reading and math skills? From a Christian world view, I know that it is “not that I was ever in need, for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have” (New Living Translation, Philippians 4:11). I would apply this same thinking to teaching and learning mathematics as well. Even if or when I do not understand, I will continue to trust God. Scripture says,  “these things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already know all your need. Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need” (New Living Translation, Matthew 6: 32-33). 

Teaching and learning mathematics from a secular point of view could include frustration, doubt, and lack of motivation and faith. On the other hand, a non-Christian teacher may or may not approach teaching math in such a way. They may feel confident and as if they can master it on their own. 


According to the scriptures we were given, when it comes to teaching something in a new manner or having to deal with changes that you are uncomfortable with, I have seen teachers completely stress over the changes required in instruction and assessments. They have the attitude of, why do we have to change it, if it was working?” They have reluctantly completed the changes but constantly complain and rebel to the changes. Eventually, the half-hearted desire to change causes them to just go through the motions of teaching to the point that they do not care if the students get it or not. They just want to make sure that they taught the material. They tend to have a non-verbal daily complaint about the changes. 

As Christian teachers, they also complain, but only briefly. They take a mental step back and realize if they keep God first everything else will smooth out. Even if it is a struggle for the changes, they are more determined to get it right knowing that God has their backs. Even if the changes are difficult, these teachers take time to find a compromising medium to help them cope with the changes. They can follow the guidelines and be comfortable with the changes. They can follow the guidelines and be comfortable with the changes. They are almost always teaching with joy and peace. They appear to be at peace to whatever the changes are. I can honestly say this about myself. I come into my classroom every morning with my heart full of joy despite of what is going on in my life. 


I’ve observed a lot of students that have trouble understanding mathematical ideas in the early grades, and because of this ability gap, they frequently have trouble with higher level math. Somewhere down the line, there seems to be a disconnect, and frequently due to their deficiencies, they will require remediation to catch up. However, despite the use of various strategies, many people fail to make up the lost ground and continue to spend year after year in the remediation stage. We are aware that concepts must be taught to our children, and that after they have done so, they must then be tested to determine whether they have mastered the concept. When discussing this week’s scripture Jesus was trying to show us that worrying is useless and that God wants us to have faith in him. The phrase “you can accomplish all things through Christ” is understood to suggest that you can achieve whatever goal you set for yourself. In educating and assisting our children, we can turn to him for guidance and teaching methods that they will comprehend.

The difficulty of teaching math and the students’ comprehension of the topic would frustrate a non-Christian teacher’s method of instruction. The required instruction and needing to evaluate the children would annoy them. They will worry when they observe failure, which will lead them to believe they have failed. The first strategy would be the teaching style of a Christian. Planning will be done for the course they want their students to take. They will then carry out the work while instructing and demonstrating for their students. There will be challenges in life, and some individuals will fail. The distinction between the two would be that one would seek knowledge while the other would not. They will return to the drawing board to see where restructuring is required and make the appropriate modifications. They will reteach the students and continue working with them to correct their mistakes so they can learn the material.

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