revise my proposal

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I have almost finish my proposal ,but I need a tutor to help me modify proposal. it don’t need to spend more time

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it is my requirement:

1. you need to add the letter content at first page in my proposal . like first page of proposal example. the letter need to relation about my local county in Michigan.

2. You need to modify my proposal. need to add more evidence to support my proposal on paragraph. it need to add more reference. need to write more words in my proposal. total word:2000-3000

Here are some notes about what my professor told me about my first request:

My professor talk me some below notices for me about this need to follow this notices.Thanks you!

It’s okay to analyze some of these problems (such as the opioid epidemic or health problem associated with industrial agriculture) on a broad, national level.

However, when you develop your proposed solution, you need to focus on solving the problem in a specific local community. In addition, you need to identify a partner organization with whom you can work in implementing the solution. The partner organization can help you in many ways–perhaps by providing funding to implement the solution, by providing volunteers or experts to carry out the solution, or by helping you reach and communicate with a broader audience who is affected by the problem or who can help solve it.

As I stated in the instructions, you need to focus on a specific local community–such as Saginaw, another local city, or your hometown–and identify a partner organization with whom you can work to implement the solution. For example, those of you proposing solutions for the opioid epidemic could partner with Covenant’s hospital in Saginaw. You could seek funding from the hospital to bring in an expert on the opioid epidemic (perhaps a medical researcher from the CDC) to train the doctors on proper procedures and policies for prescribing opioid drugs, monitoring patients, checking prescription drug databases to make sure that patients aren’t getting multiple opioid prescriptions from different doctors or pharmacies, and withdrawing opioid medication at the appropriate time or substituting less addictive drugs for opioids.

Or, you could partner with Saginaw High School and bring in an expert to present to the students and faculty at an assembly and teach them about the dangers and consequences of opioid addiction.

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