Revisions on a EdD Doctoral Committee Assignment Form (DCAF)

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English language learners [Dr. J1]have been significantly increasing in the recent past[Dr. J2], and thus there is significant need to ensure that better strategies are put in place to create a more enabling environment where learners can be able to have an understanding what needs to be done. The learners themselves and the teachers can boost the learning process of the English language learners. In the elementary classroom setting a teacher has a crucial role to play since the planning and overall execution of the class activities are planned and organized by the teacher. Therefore, instructional strategies are essential in any learning process and thus being able to highlight vital instructional strategies that are significant in helping English language learners in an elementary classroom setting. The elementary learning process has not been significantly engaged and thus; as a result, there have been no significant studies, which have been developed focusing on some of the instructional strategies that can be effective.

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Managing an elementary classroom is very complex, and thus not all the instructional strategies in place will be able to provide a better focus, which can be effectively integrated into the elementary classroom setting. The instructor, in this case, needs to be very careful especially putting into consideration how these learners are engaged. Therefore, the instructional strategies have to be effectively assessed and analyzed to ensure that only the best strategies can be integrated elementary classroom. Even though learners also have a significant role to play regarding their ability to understand concepts that are being developed, the vital role is played the instructor who organizes the classroom setting and ensures that learners are comfortable

Also comments from the professor about the above paragraph: Please inlcude three to five recent study findings to support you problem statement.

Purpose Statement (comment from professor about the below paragraph that needs revising is: Mark, the purpose of your study should to explore, find out, study, etc. What do you plan to study exactly (written in blue)

The focus of this study is to create a better environment [Dr. J1]where better instructional strategies to help the English language learners in an elementary classroom setting can be effectively identified. There are significant strategies in place, which can be effectively put into consideration to create an enabling environment where it will be very easy to relate some of these instructional strategies in an elementary classroom setting. It is important to understand that elementary classroom setting requires significant focus where teachers are expected to put into consideration better measures, which can ensure that learners understand the concepts, which are being developed with significant ease. The strategies adopted in this case need to be developed based on an understanding of the ability of the learners to understand the learning aspects.

Possible Research Question(s)

What are key instructional strategies that can be considered to help English language learners in an elementary classroom setting?[Dr. J1]

Comment from Professor about above research question that needs revision is Mark, this question is very general. What do you mean by “can be considered” and how will you look for these strategies? You need to come up with more focus.


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