reword and rephrase this “music class” paragraph?, writing homework help

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Stravinsky’s Fire Bird can be described in tone color as very happy energetic. Its performance is in allegro tempo. The instruments often heard are brasses, strings and woodwinds to obtain a upbeat sound. Stravinsky’s Fire Bird in my opinion, gives you a feel of pure joy and excitement. It gives the persona of making you want to literally “jump for joy”. Ellington’s C-Jam Blues tone color can be described as smooth and calming. Its performance is in mezzo piano. By using the piano the smoothness of the rhythm is heard to bring on the steadiness of the beat. The instruments often heard in this music is brasses, woodwinds and strings, accompanied by the constant reintroduction of the rhythm section. Ellington’s rhythm section consists of brass, strings, and percussions. The reintroduction of the rhythm section gives balance. Improvisation was used to give this music piece its soulful full-bodied sound for the audience to hear. Thus creating a ambience of sultriness and soulfulness at the same time. In comparison both used some of the same instruments to get a different dynamic feel to their music.

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IT needs to be the same concept but the wording needs to be different so I wont get caught with plagiarism or copying.

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