Rhetorical Essay

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Please use the short video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5ufp07bmuw the title is —United States Army-symbol of strength more than a uniform.

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Instruction Method:

  • Begin with introduction that “hooks” your audience. Why should they read your essay? What will you begin with? An introduction of the product? The appeal of sports figures? Children and families? Lead to your thesis or main idea of your essay.
  • Include a brief summary of the commercial in your body paragraph. This should be no more than three to five sentences.
  • In your remaining body paragraphs, analyze the rhetorical appeals. How is pathos used? What aspects make up credibility? What is the “argument” of the video? What is the ‘evidence’ or selling points utilized to convince an audience? You may find that all three appeals work in unison or one or two of the appeals is more prominent.
  • Discuss whether or not you believe the commercial is effective rhetorically.
  • Finalize your thoughts by wrapping up your ideas and including any concluding thoughts. However, resist inserting any new ideas that have not be discussed throughout your essay.
  • Use MLA format

This is my draft,please follow my outline.

Talk about what the army is,and tell something interesting as a hook to attract readers. It uses the rhetoric pattern to make it clearly. It also search stories about being an soldier,how respectful they are,and how cool like the film showed.Then use an opposite true story to refutatory the previous,which the opinion is they train hard,under enormous pressure to get their best to protect humans from danger.At last,act and protect all. The music in the background also makes the audience to be interested in the commercial, it made the scene more interesting and provides a powerful feeling. Also the captions between or on some of the slides also make the reader to be interested. For example, during the video, they used captions like “This is the key”and“Secret handshake”, this will interact with the reader and give them emotion feelings with the army, also persuade them to be or interested in the army.


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