Rhetorical Film Analysis Correction

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Rhetorical Film Analysis

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Essay Prompt:

You have watched Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 film The Shining, and as a class we analyzed various aspects of the film (psychoanalysis, filming, auditory, mise en scene). Now you are to provide your own interpretation of the film as well as what strategies and appeals the film uses to support your thinking.


Include rhetorical situation (i.e. set the story/provide context)

Thesis Statement:

Name an argument that the film makes and the interpretation you’ll provide. Is the film effective in getting viewers to agree with this argument? What rhetorical techniques contribute to why it’s effective?

Body Paragraphs and Scene Analysis:

Pick out and analyze key scenes that help make the film’s argument, pointing out which techniques are used, why they are used, and what their effect is on the viewers.


What’s the importance of this argument? What’s at stake if views believe this argument? If they don’t believe it?

*You are allowed to use outside sources to support your interpretation, but they must be included in the Works Cited. I prefer (for your own ethos) to use scholarly sources over random online posts. Do NOT give me conspiracy theories!


  • 4-5 pages
  • MLA format
  • Double spaced, 1” margins
  • Times New Roman, 12 font
  • Works Cited page

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The Shining is the name of the movie

Notes she also gave:

-Italicize the shining

-don’t ask questions, answer them

-focus on jack the character in the essay

-when was this film released, introduced – include that info in the introduction

-what’s your argument on jack (include the part where he was a good man before he went into the hotel, how he changed, how the camera got zoomed into jack’s face)

-how does the hotel corrupt jack

-talk about jack in the beg, middle, and end

-talk about how the music was and all the intentions when he zooms into jack’s face

-explain how they feel uncomfortable

-mainly focus on jack and what happens with him


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