Risk Management Policy and Procedure

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Write a 3-4 page risk management policy and procedure for a health care organization. Analyze a specific issue that occurred in a health care organization and apply risk management best practices to it for the purpose of early risk identification and risk reduction or elimination in the future.

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APA Format



Risk Events

Risk Management’s Purpose

Risk Identification

The following two suggested resources also appear under the suggested resources for Assessment 1: Address a Patient Safety Issue. You will find that many of the tools and techniques used to detect errors in the health care industry are applicable to risk, patient safety, quality, and performance improvement. These departments have mutual yet divergent interests. Each department will use the tools to identify information pertinent to their interests. For example, the risk manager may use a specific tool to abstract details pertaining to the potential for litigation. The safety officer, however, may be focused on details related to the root cause of the error.

Risk Manager


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