Roles and Functions of Clinical Mental Health Counselors

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It has been said that we research one paper for one course more than we research our future career. This is obviously problematic in gaining long-term career satisfaction, but it is often challenging to gather information about the world of work. In the weeks ahead, we will view interviews with clinicians in various settings. We should reveal some similarities, but also a lot of differences. Some of the differences will relate to how the setting and role “fits” with the person interviewed, which means thinking about your personality, interests, and strengths/weaknesses and discover how these might play out in a particular setting or role. Discuss each of the following as it relates to the workplace:

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  1. Your personality
  2. Your interests
  3. Your skills (what are you good at vs. what challenges you)
  4. What questions might you ask on an interview or when researching a position to know if the job will fit you in all three areas?
  5. What would it mean if you have difficulty finding a job with a good fit on these dimensions and what would you do?

This should be a minimum of 3 double-spaced pages (12-point font). It is due by 11:00pm on Sunday 6/10/18. Save your file as follows: Last name, First name (Week 2 Homework) and upload it into the “Week 2 Homework” link below. Each prompt is worth 2 points. There is also an additional 2 points for spelling and grammar, making this assignment worth 12-points total.

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