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For Assignment 1

A.) The scores below are from the same final exam in a math class for three different years. First, compute the mean, median, mode, range, standard deviation, and the 3rd quartile for each of these scores. Then, using these statistics, describe the differences in the three sets of scores.

This year

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98 90 51 81 41
98 45 82 87 86
93 53 93 72 64
59 50 97 71 66
86 64 93 47 85

Two years ago

35 45 65 75 87
80 69 71 53 90
99 95 70 82 73
93 67 61 57 74
72 77 71 81 83

Four years ago

56 77 75 76 59
74 51 89 55 79
67 77 69 90 68
90 65 79 69 79
87 86 98 91 95

Part A: Handwritten part of the assignment. You need to show your work by hand, scan it into a PDF, and submit it to the assignment folder by the due date.

Part B: Please see the attached file: Assignment 1. B. It is an SPSS assignment. Please make sure to submit your SPSS file and SPSS output in addition to your answers to the questions for Assignment 1. B.

Make sure to use APA format for in-text citations and references.

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