Scenario: You are a juvenile corrections officer tasked with making recommendations to a judge for a juvenile’s entire course of treatment. You can advise on the sanctions they should receive; the com

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Scenario: You are a juvenile corrections officer tasked with making recommendations to a judge for a juvenile’s entire course of treatment. You can advise on the sanctions they should receive; the components of their correctional treatment; the programs, training, or institutions that should assist them; any alternatives or special conditions to consider; and terms for their aftercare and transition back into the community.

Write a 525- to 700-word correctional dispositional plan for a juvenile.

use as an example case study for this week’s assignment:

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  • Gina, from the Ch. 11 Critical Thinking Exercises #3 (p. 313)

Developing a Dispositional Plan Assume that you are a judge in the juvenile court. Gina, a 14-year-old juvenile, is accused of aggravated robbery in your court. At the adjudication hearing, Gina admits her guilt in the offense in which she served as a lookout and getaway driver for her boyfriend and another accomplice. At the time of the robbery, Gina was under the influence of narcotics and alcohol. Gina was habitually truant from school, was living at home with her mother who is a single parent with two jobs, and was frequently out past curfew at home. Gina’s mother testifies that she has trouble supervising Gina due to her two jobs and Gina’s association with the wrong crowd. Gina tested relatively poorly on educational and social assessments conducted by the probation department. She has had no prior adjudications or detainments by police. She is currently pregnant by her boyfriend, who has been committed as a result of this offense. Develop a dispositional plan for Gina using the alternatives discussed in this chapter. What special treatment and conditions will you impose on Gina? Your decision can combine alternatives from this chapter and anything else you deem relevant.

Note: If you choose an example with a known correctional plan, do not propose the same plan from the original case study. Make your own recommendations for a different process for the juvenile’s treatment.

Complete the following in your recommended plan for the juvenile:

  • Summarize the outcome of the adjudication process and the disposition in this case.
  • Describe the treatment of the juvenile in this situation.
  • Explain how law enforcement and the courts might have interacted differently with this person as a juvenile than if he or she had been an adult.
  • Explain the risk factors that need to be considered in the assessment of this juvenile.
  • Explain how the combination of factors considered in this case were connected and influenced the original outcome, if at all.
  • List any additional information you would like to have before considering other correctional treatments for the juvenile.
  • Recommend 2 alternative correctional strategies for this juvenile: 1 that includes a correctional program that exists in your state and 1 other potential option.
  • Explain how you could monitor, measure, report, and support the juvenile’s progress through treatment.
  • Justify your plan with evidence that supports your recommendations.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Minimum 1 scholarly reference is required.

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