​Science in American Culture Paper

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Science in American Culture Paper

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For the ScIAC Paper, each student will begin by selecting a science-related piece of media (video or novel). Please note that when the novel is specified, even if there is a movie adaptation, it is important to read the novel, as the science aspects may not have followed through to the movie adaptation.

Media choices:

Jurassic Park (novel, author Michael Crichton)*

The Cobra Event (novel, author Richard Preston)

My Sister’s Keeper (novel, Jodi Piccoult)*

Unwind (novel, Neal Shusterman)

Avatar (movie, release date 2009)

Interstellar (movie, release date: 2014)

GATTACA (movie, release date: 1997)

The Island (movie, release date: 2005)

*Novel only—do not use the movie for these choices!!

NOTE: No other media choices can be used without written consent of the instructor. Assignments written on other topics without written consent will be discarded.

Once you have selected your topic, read the novel or watch the video. Take notes on any interesting science as you progress—nothing formal, just ideas or key points that occur to you. Once you have completed this, you will begin the second half of the assignment by locating a current scientific article that relates to the science in your chose media piece. This article should:

  • Be current—no older than 3 years
  • Be popularly available. Use resources that people would regularly read, not peer reviewed sources.
  • Relate directly to the scienceof your chosen topic. Please do not select articles relating to museum exhibits or human interest stories.

Now, you can begin to write your paper. Your paper should be 3-4 pages typed, size 12 font, double spaced. It should address the following.

  • Brief summary of the science contentof your media choice.
  • Discussionof the scientific article you selected
  • Explanationof how the article you selected connects to the science in your chosen media
  • Description of the significance or importance of this science to modern citizens in America and worldwide. Why does this science matter? How will it change or affect human lives or the planet as a whole?
  • Include a bibliography that lists both your media content and your article

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