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1) How did the general mood of Europe lead up to the beginning of World War I? Were there any real ideological differences between the two groups or were they both just thinking along the same lines that led to war?

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2) According to the video posted for this chapter, how did the war start?

3) According to the excerpt about Vera Britain on page 788, why did Vera Brittain volunteer as a nurse and how might wartime nursing have influenced women of her generation?

4) How did the United states get involved in the war? (hint: it’s in the section called “The Widening War”)

5) Why did world war lead to revolt in Russia and what was the outcome?

6) Explain the Treaty of Versailles and specifically how it punished Germany.

7)Do you think World War I was a war that needed to be fought? Why or why not and how could it have been avoided?

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