Service Management

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please answer question 1-13 use proper paraphrasing and references also cite

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Production line had been thought as being for manufacturing, but as you points out can apply to service and especially easy to adapt to ‘routines’. A good example is the automated phone service announcements and menu items. Electric companies may announce outages before even giving you the menu. This avoids a person receiving the many calls associated with outages that have already been logged and are being addressed. answer question from the reading at the top

1.What other examples come to mind as ways we address routine services?

What are some of the positive and negatives to new technology? How would you mitigate any of the negatives?

2.Describe the sources of service sector growth.

3.Describe the managerial issues associated with the adoption of new technology.

4.Explain and differentiate what is meant by the divergence and the complexity of a service process.

5.Explain how intellectual property rights protect a service brand.

6.Failures can always occur in design. How can we design for self-recovery when self-service failures occur?

7.Describe how the creation of an ethical climate leads to job satisfaction and service quality.

8.Discuss the role of scripts in customer coproduction.

9.Differentiate four organizational control systems for employee empowerment.

10.Describe the classification of customers into four groups based on their attitudes and expectations.

12.Describe the impact of the “servicescape” on the behavior of customers and employees.

13.Identify and discuss the three environmental dimensions of servicescapes

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