Sexual addiction, psychology assignment help

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Instructor’s Comment Instructor’s Document Points

Sexual addiction is a good topic. Now get going on your annotated bibliography. Choose sources that will help you follow the five main sections that need to be presented. I also suggest you make an outline to help organize the paper. Good luck on this.

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Select six to eight articles that you will use for your research paper.

Create an annotated bibliography that summarizes the information and relevance of the articles you have selected.

For each article, provide the following:

  1. An APA reference entry.
  2. Paragraph summary (50 to 100 words).
  3. A short explanation of the relevance of the article to the topic of your research paper.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.



The instructor will review the student’s annotated bibliography for the following required criteria and award points as outlined. Place an “X” in the box if the criterion has been adequately met. Place feedback in the box if the criteria was lacking. An example has been completed for you.


APA Citation

(5 points)


(50-100 words)

(10 points)

Short explanation of the relevance of article to the topic of the research paper.

(5 points)

Required Source 1 (5 points)


0 points. No summary included


Required Source 2 (5 points)

Required Source 3 (5 points)

Required Source 4 (5 points)

Required Source 5 (5 points)

Required Source 6 (5 points)

Optional Source 7

Optional Source 8

(30 Points Possible)

(30 Points Possible)

(60 Points Possible)

(30 Points Possible)

Total Points: 150

Additional Feedback:

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