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Assignment: Essay #3 (Rogerian Argument)

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Should owning a gun be illegal or legal?

Introducing a problem along with two opposing sides in order to establish common ground


Students must choose a topic of their expertise and/or interest and construct a Rogerian Argument in a three-to-four page document (excluding the Works Cited page).

Your argument either can be structured in a conventional essay, or it can be structured in a letter addressed to a person (writer, expert, scholar, etc.) or an organization(s) who has opposing views. Note: For the latter format, please refer to the sample essay “An Open Letter to Robert Levy in response to His Article ‘They Never Learn’” by Collen Fontana or “Letter to a Southern Baptist Minister. You also are free to use first, second, and/or third person point of view.


Introducing a problem

Neutrally mentioning two opposing sides to the problem – your viewpoint and the reader’s viewpoint

Presenting opposing side

Presenting and justifying your side

  • Establishing common ground between two sides

1. Document Length: Between 3-4 pgs. No limits on paragraphs.

2. Essay should include a title

3. Works Cited page: At least three sources. Sources can include: books

magazine/journal articles, graphs, (direct/indirect) interviews, (direct/indirect)

surveys, graphs, charts, etc. Do not use Wikipedia or any non-

creditable websites as primary sources.

4. MLA format

5. Submission- Paper MUST be submitted as a Word attachment either Blackboard Assignment or via e-mail. THIS ESSAY MUST BE SENT AS A WORD ATTACHMENT, UNLESS YOU HAVE DISCUSSED ALTERNATIVE ARRANGEMENTS OF SUBMITTAL WITH ME!!

6. Point of View- First, Second, and/or Third person

7. Language- Rhetorical/formal

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