sitting bull discussion

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Sitting Bull said: “I never taught my people to trust Americans. I have told them the truth — that the Americans are great liars. I have never dealt with the Americans. Why should I? The land belonged to my people. When I say never dealt with them-I mean I never treated with them in a way to surrender my people’s rights.”
Was he right? Are Americans great liars? Is there something in American culture that makes this possible? I know this is a difficult question and one might argue with the harshness of these comments. But why would he say such a thing and can you imagine where this sentiment comes from? One critical point here. Repeating the quotation does not qualify as a reference in this case. You must consider and reference the assigned readings and video material beyond Sitting Bull’s comments to give you context for this discussion. An opinion on what he said without context isn’t quite enough.

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