slp5, minimum of 4 citations

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The fifth component of the Session Long Project (Module 5) is a two-part assignment:

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As part of your service to your institution, you have been assigned to a committee to help recruit a new and highly qualified faculty member who will serve as an Assistant Professor of Higher Education.

Part 1) Design a short advertisement (1-1.5 pgs. maximum) to be posted in the Chronicle of Higher Education in which you a) state the criteria on which tenure and/or promotion will be based (e.g., qualifications and responsibilities) , and b) state the salary or salary range that will be offered to the candidate. Your decision on the salary offered should be based at least in part upon an exploration of what other institutions are offering to candidates for the same type of position.

Instructions: To complete this assignment, first visit the Chronicle of Higher Education. Then click on “Faculty /research.” From there, choose any discipline that interests you (e.g., teacher education, Educational administration and leadership, Curriculum Instruction, etc). Search through several postings (6-8) of faculty positions to see what is currently listed.

Part 2) Explain the basis of the decisions that you made in Part 1. For example, how many postings did you look through for that type of position? Were the postings that you explored from private or public institutions, or both? Were the listed responsibilities and required qualifications for the position similar? Were the salaries offered at institutions for that position comparable, or did they vary considerably?

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