Social Psyhcology

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Social psychologists have studied the social forces that influence aggressive behavior. Research on aggression highlights personal, situational, and environmental factors that may uniquely influence the likelihood of aggressive behaviour (Bushman & Huesmann, 2010). The media attached on the Standford Prison Study demonstrates how aggressive behaviour happens, even when it was unintended.

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Please review the articles on each of the studies to complete the assignment.

With these thoughts in mind and using these headings as guidelines, discuss:

Short explanation of the identity of the event to which you were assigned (Standford Prison Study).

Explain two potential situational factors that may have influenced the aggressive behaviour demonstrated in the event.

Explain two possible personal factors that may have influenced this aggressive behaviour.

Then by employing a social psychology perspective, explain two ways the aggressive behaviour might have been prevented. Use the current literature to support your response.

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