sociology article response

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In The News Assignment

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Set Up:

article for this report:…

For this assignment, all students will locate a news/blog story from an approved source that relates to a designated class topic and explore in a written reaction and classroom discussion about how this current story relates to the relevant topic. Each student will sign up for one of the designated In The News days.

After all sign ups have taken place, I will email all students who signed up for the same day in a group email thread so students who are presenting on the same day do not duplicate efforts/present on the exact same topic. I will be posting an article repository sorted by topic to Canvas, as well additional websites for you to use to search for articles on your own.

At bare minimum, students must send their fellow presenters the link to the article they have selected in advance of their presentation to ensure there are no duplicated articles presented. Students are encouraged to communicate with the other day’s presenters in order to ensure they cover a wide variety of topics and, perhaps, coordinate efforts so presentations that address similar themes/trends can piggyback or build off each other.

This assignment is broken into two graded components:

Part 1: Written Reaction + Discussion Questions

The first line of this assignment should be the title of the article you selected, the author’s name, and a link to the URL where the article can be found. For example:

Article: “Three Ways It’s Becoming Harder for Millenials to Buy Homes” by Jonnelle Marte. Link: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

This reaction should be roughly 2-4 pages total, 1-2 pages per section. Responses should include the headings indicated below and all section responses should be written in essay format. Your discussion questions, of course, should be written in question format and should elicit an essay style response (i.e. not yes/no questions). Responses must be typed, double-spaced, and submitted to Canvas by midnight the Sunday prior to your presentation.

Section 1: Summarize the article (1-2 pages)

  • This needs to be clear and concise – it should form the foundation for what you will present to the class. Be sure to include any objective or subjectiveevidence/definitions of the problem presented in the article, it will help you out in section 2.

Section 2: Sociological Analysis (1-2 pages)

  • How does this article/topic relate to concepts or terms from this week’s readings? BE SPECIFIC here – you should be incorporating key terms/concepts outlined in the chapter study guide in this section.
  • What theoretical perspective (conflict, structural functionalism, or symbolic interactionism) is best to use to understand this problem? Why? BE SPECIFIC here – refer to your text!

Discussion Questions

  • Write 2 discussion questions to use in your presentation of this article. Think about writing questions like the ones that you see on the weekly discussion posts – ones that will generate discussion and rumination, not yes/no responses.

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