SOCW 6101 Interview Presentation: Questions

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Interview Presentation: Questions



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To prepare:

· Identify an interview subject with a different cultural background than you.

· Ask your interview subject the questions below. Be sure to record the interview and/or take good notes.


During the interview, ask the individual the following interview questions:


· Have you ever lived or visited outside of the United States? If so, where? Describe the experience.

· What do you identify as your culture?

· What are the most important values and beliefs of your family and community?

· What are the important events, traditions, celebrations, and practices in your family or community?

· How does your family or community define gender roles?

· How do you identify your:

· Race

· Ethnicity

· National origin

· Color

· Sex

· Sexual orientation

· Gender identity or expression

· Age

· Marital status

· Political belief

· Religion

· Immigration status

· Disability status

· How well do you fit within your family or community based on these other identities you hold?

· How do you think others outside your community view your culture?

· Have you experienced prejudice or discrimination? Please describe.



To Prepare

Identify an interview subject.

Download the Interview Presentation: Questions handout from the Learning Resources.

Ask your interview to subject the questions found in the Interview Presentation handout. Be sure to record the interview (with participant’s permission) and/or take good notes.

You will not submit the interview itself. You create a presentation about the interview.

Record a PowerPoint presentation. Your video should be 4–5 minutes but no more than 6 minutes.

By Day 7

Submit a recorded PowerPoint (PPT) presentation about your interview with a person from a different culture than your own. Your PowerPoint presentation should include 8–10 slides and should be 4–5 minutes in recorded length.


In the PowerPoint presentation, address the following:


Identify basic background information of the interviewee.

Provide a summary of what you learned about the individual when conducting this interview.

Identify the skills you used to address the differences between you and the interview subject.

Describe your reaction to this activity.

Reflect on these reactions, and explain why you believe you may have experienced these thoughts and feelings.

Describe what you learned, and explain which additional social work skills you could apply or could have applied when working with this individual.

Please remain mindful of confidentiality and privacy of the interviewee when presenting information in the educational environment.

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