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In a cohesive paragraph/essay format, please address the following questions.

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  1. What is the author’s argument?
  2. What evidence does the author use to support their argument? (Be specific!)
  3. What do you think about the author’s argument? Has it made you think about our course material in new ways? (i.e. this is not just a summary, you need to carefully consider the author’s thesis and determine if you find it convincing; or if you have unanswered questions; or if it makes you think about material in class in a new way, etc. Support your opinion, questions and/or thoughts with specific examples/questions).

Response papers will be graded on whether or not a student demonstrates that they read the whole article (don’t just look at first page), tried to understand the article and addressed all three questions in the prompt. Students will lose points if they do not address all three questions and/or if it is apparent they didn’t read or only read part of the article. Students will not, however, be penalized for incorrectly identifying the argument/evidence if they show a genuine attempt to understand the article.

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