Special Features on Criminal Trials

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Complete all assigned reading before attempting the assignment. Your
answers must be based on the reading plus add your insightful comments as well. Answer the following question(s)
in one paragraph. Read the pages listed in the question along with pages 255-259. https://intervisualtechnology.us/uploads/PDFs/Crim…

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  1. Police find a critically wounded man lying in the parking lot of a
    gas station. When they ask him what happened, he indicates that the
    defendant shot him. Then, the man dies. Should the dead man’s
    identification of his killer be allowed in court? Before answering,
    review the concepts of hearsay (page 238) and the confrontation clause
    (page 267 in your eBook).
    (To see how the United States Supreme Court
    ruled in a similar case, go to the link Here

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