Sports Facilities

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Please answer the following questions:

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1. What has been your greatest sport-facility related experience?

2. What has been your worst sport-facility related experience?

3. Develop a mission statement, vision statement, strategic goals, tactical goals, objectives and

tactics for any type of sports or recreational facility that you choose.

This assignment should be double-spaced and use proper APA format.

4. If you were a facility manager, what services do you think you would want to outsource, and why?(200 Words)

Please answer the following five questions:

1. Do you think that facility management outsourcing would be beneficial for a health club? What

should be outsourced?

2. What steps would you take to convince residents that a large sport facility is a good thing to

build near their homes, and what could be their objections?

3. Who should be on the planning committee to build a minor-league baseball stadium?

4. What would you include in an arena if you were allowed to build the ultimate arena and cost

was not an issue?

5. Complete a reflection on the Sport Business Journal articles: (At least one page)

a. What impact did the economic downturn have on the sport facility construction

industry? In your opinion, what will be the trend and next movement in sport facility

construction going forward?

Please cite all references using proper APA style guidelines

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