Sports Management

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1. What criticisms have been levied against NBA Executive Director, Michele Roberts, at the outset of her tenure? Are they justifiable? Please reflect in context of the sex/gender and leadership stereotypes in the sports industry, as demonstrated throughout this module, and the reasons women have historically been excluded from upper management positions in sport.

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2. Do you believe Roberts’ race and/or gender was a major factor for the players in electing her to the position, as opposed to the other qualified candidates? In other words, did Roberts benefit from “positive discrimination”? Please consider in light of the overwhelming representation of African Americans and people of color who took part in the historic vote.

3. Val Ackerman, Commissioner of the Big East, has been in her role for a number of years, how do you believe Ackerman has “led”? And, in your opinion, supported by the resources studied throughout this course on prejudice, race, sex/gender stereotypes– can she really succeed with the philosophy and strategies at the highest level of Intercollegiate athletics?

4. What are the pros and cons of the NBA or Big East developing a substantive marketing campaign around Roberts/Ackerman specifically to women or men?

5. Do you believe Roberts’ or Ackerman’s success and/or failure will affect other female executives, such as Kim Ng, or others, who have similar leadership aspirations and roles? If so, then why or why not?

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