strategy and Policy Organization Advantage

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LP2.1 Assignment: Organization Advantage

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Directions: Prepare a
competitive strength assessment for your BSG company and two other BSG
companies that you and your co-managers consider to be very close

  1. Work on strategy and decisions for
    Year 12. (Company co-managers will generally need to meet outside of
    class to complete their decision-making for Year 12.)
  2. Write a 1000+ word paper, including 2 or more scholarly sources, answering the following:
    • Which of the companies is competitively strongest?
    • Which is competitively weakest?
    • Does the strongest company appear to have a significant competitive advantage over the other two companies?
    • Why or why not? Explain your answer and integrate data
      (reports, statistics, etc.) from the simulation to suppport your
      answer. Be sure to explain what that data means and how it “proves” your
  3. Format according to APA 6th ed. and NAU standards.

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