Student Affairs Administration

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In three and half pages write an essay about student affairs
from my points as (an international student. Master student and a lecturer)

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– I do not want reference on it (only view)

-these are several functional areas of student affairs (academic
advising, career service, community service, multicultural and diversity,
religious and spritual life, student activities, student counseling, student
Health, residential life, admission, orientation program).

-you can present each functional area in one paragraph through
the essay

-this is the real question which my professor gave me:

Based on what you have learned/experienced in this course, as
well as your own experiences in higher education, please develop a personal
philosophy statement and professional development plan that outlines your core
beliefs as it relates to being (or potentially being) a student affairs
educator. Feel free to make this paper somewhat autobiographical in nature,
recounting your own journey in higher education, and experiences with student
affairs educators along the way. You may want to design your paper in three
sections, as described below: 1. Your journey thus far in higher education – as
a student and in any/all staff roles. Please describe the skills and
experiences you believe you have developed/garnered to this point. 2. A
statement of your vision/beliefs about student affairs in higher education –
i.e., the role that student affairs play in students’ educational experiences.
Discuss what you see as your role (or potential role) in students’ growth and
development. 3. A personal plan of action that, drawing upon what you have
written in sections 1 and 2, shares how you personally hope and plan to make a
difference in and for education. On a practical level, please offer a specific
action plan that includes goals, strategies, and timelines for yourself. This
paper is intended to allow you an opportunity to articulate aspects of your own
philosophy of student affairs, and to give serious consideration to your path

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