summary and reflection

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Watch and write a summary and reflection on one of the following viewings. Detailed instructions and examples may be found in the Written Assignment Instructions requirement.DOC

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Climate Change

Pick from one of the following options:

  1. Any episode of Years of Living Dangerously (available on streaming channels and a few episodes free online). The first season is also available in the library.
  2. Climate Change documentary of choice pre-approved by professor.
  3. Two climate TED talks: Climate Change (links to numerous talks)

Recommended talks: TED: How to Transform Apocalypse Fatigue into Action on Global Warming

Science Friday: What’s the Best Way to Convince a Climate Change Denier?

etailed instructions and examples may be found in the Doc (requirement.DOCX) <<<< YOU NEED TO CHECK IT and FOLLOW IT

summary and reflection of each required viewings (2-3 pages single-spaced in total). 12 times new roman single-spaced

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