Summary of Platos Gorgias?

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I need help with the first 80 pages of plates gorgias. If you could just answer these questions in a couple sentences and maybe a paragraph in the ones with lengthy answers.

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  • How does Gorgias define oratory? How does Socrates define it?
  • What are the two kinds of persuasion? What is the importance of that distinction?
  • Why does Gorgias think that the orator is powerful? Does Socrates agree? How do they define power?
  • Gorgias admits that oratory can be misused. Why does this concession get him into trouble?
  • What’s the difference between a knack and a craft? Why does Socrates think that oratory is a knack and not a craft?
  • How does Socrates define a craft? What are the four crafts and four pseudo-crafts (knacks) pertaining to the body and soul?
  • What is the distinction between doing what one wants to do and doing what one sees fit to do? What role does this distinction play in Socrates’s argument?
  • What is Socrates’s argument that the tyrant is not powerful? Is it any good?
  • Why does Socrates think that doing injustice is worse than suffering it? What is his argument?
  • Why does Socrates think that the tyrant who is punished is happier than the one who is not?
  • How does Polus argue for his position? What strategies or polemical techniques does he employ? How does his style of arguing differ from Socrates’s style?
  • Why does Callicles think that Polus should not have agreed that doing injustice is more shameful? What does he think instead?
  • What is the distinction between justice by nature and justice by law? What role does it play in Callicles’s argument?
  • What advice does Callicles give Socrates in his initial speech?
  • Does Callicles think that the rulers are superior to the ruled? In what sense?
  • Why does Callicles initially react with scorn at the suggestion that the rulers must also rule themselves?
  • Why does Socrates think that the self-indulgent life is not good?
  • Does Gorgias think that all pleasures are equally good? If not, what supposedly follows?

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