Tactics of Inclusive Leadership/ Cultural Mindset Development and Implementation, business and finance homework help

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Tactics of Inclusive Leadership/ Cultural Mindset Development and Implementation

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Need 300 – 350 words per part in APA format with scholarly references (journals) within the last 5 years to answer the following:

With many organizations favoring the inclusive leadership model, researchers are now seeking to determine if the model is effective and, if so, to what degree. How might researchers study the effectiveness of inclusive leadership with regard to overall organizational effectiveness and competitiveness? Why is this effective methodology?

Part 2

Consider the mindsets of cosmopolitanism, geocentrism, and sociocentrism. Which of these makes the most valuable contribution to organizational leadership? Why?

Part 3

Do the values and characteristics of the leader necessary for successful implementation of an inclusive leadership style in a global and culturally diverse society differ from the required values and characteristics of leaders in other situations? Why or why not?


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