Technology and innovation

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In the Post-Covid era, like many other businesses, the In-store
Beauty Retail will undergo (in fact is already undergoing) phenomenal
change as per latest reports. Digital Trends will define the beauty
store of future and Innovative Experiences and Offerings in
Products/Services/Delivery will overwhelm.

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Taking example of a beauty retail brand/business or your choice, write a white paper covering:

· Global beauty & tech trends and consumer needs shift/drift thereby building a rationale

Pre covid/ Current situation and strategy of your selected
brand/business; The need and importance of Change/Innovation and
corroborating with examples of solutions from prevailing tech trends or
offerings by various companies or your own creative thinking

· Your contextual discussion and based on ISO’s ‘8 Innovation Management Principles’

· Recommending the key points of Innovation implementation approach or framework

– Rather than covering many different aspects, you can narrow your
discussion to some specific technology trend/s or innovation direction/s
to be more effective in your endeavor

While you can
structure the text, its presentation and its flow in your own way to
drive home your point, the output must have the following elements:

Clear Built of Summary, Body and Conclusion; with effective language
and brevity; and clear in-text citations and reference list

· Perspective to establish the big picture, evolution of current situation and rationale of your effort

· Detailed discussion leading to your suggestions or recommendations

Effective use of the 8 Innovation principles to facilitate and
strengthen your analytics or comparison of choices or basis of judgment
or making meaningful inferences or supporting your output.

Ample proof of your research endeavor and self-direction demonstrated
through usage extent and quality of meaningful sources; relevant latest
examples; own observations, experiences and even reasoned arguments
against the established paradigm/s.

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