Term Paper on Abnormal Behavior

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use textbook and at least 3 other resources(please list at the end of the essay)

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Choose ONE of the major contemporary perspectives on abnormal behavior including the medical model, psychological model, sociocultural model, and the
biopsychosocial model.

  1. Who was/is the main theorists behind the model you have chosen? (For example,
    Sigmund Freud in the psychological model.) Give some history on this main theorist.
  2. How does the model you have chosen conceptualize abnormal behavior (For example,
    the medical model conceptualizes abnormal behavior patters, like physical diseases, in
    terms of clusters of symptoms, called syndromes, which have distinctive causes
    presumed to have a medical/biological explanation.) Explain.
  3. If you become a researcher or a practicing therapist one day, which major
    contemporary perspective on abnormal behavior would you align yourself with (or find
    most helpful in your work to help people?) Explain.

I think the first option is the easiest one, but you can choose any option you like.

Please remember to list all the sources you use.

Thank you so much.


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