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  • Termination Paper (5 pages) – I have already answered these questions which are posted below, so all you have to do is elaborate and include the attach documents/readings while citing the references attached. APA Please


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  • In this assignment you will analyze the termination process with an individual, family or group you have been working with.
    • Indicate whether the termination was planned or unplanned. If unplanned, was it initiated by the client or by the social worker?
    • How much time did you allow for termination?
    • Select a theme(s) (e.g. sadness, grief, avoidance, delay, denial, relief, recurrence of old problems, guilt, anger, happiness) that emerged during the termination phase and identify which of these themes were the client’s reactions and which were your reactions to the ending.
    • State whether these reactions were positive or problematic to the termination, illustrate how you addressed them, and explain why you responded as you did (or how you might have responded differently).
    • Discuss any ending activities or rituals used to assist in the termination, why these activities were chosen.
    • Lastly, evaluate your effectiveness.

    AnswersThe termination was unplanned. It was initiated by the client because he was non-compliant There was no time to allow for this termination. It was unplanned and a sudden decision was made because the client was caught buying pills off the street, which led to an administrative discharge from the program at West Midtown Medical Group. The client has been in the program approximately 7 years. His name is Alexandria Bruno. He has a substance abuse issues, anxiety, depression and he is currently residing in supportive housing facility. The client was anxious because he has an anxious disposition and angry because he felt that we should have kept him in the program. He is also fearful of the unknown because he doesn’t know what his next step was going to be. As a social worker I felt disappointed because I thought he was pasted that stage and changed his attitudes as well as his behaviors. I was also disappointed in Alexandria because he was making progress in the sessions we had together and to learn his old habits hasn’t changed really spoke volumes to me. These reactions were more problematic then positive when concerning his termination because the client did not want to take responsible for his actions. It took a while to counsel in or for him to see the error of his ways. The reasons why he was being transferred out of the program so abruptly. At the ending I had to sit down with the client and research suitable programs he could be transferred into. Once that was done I had to get all his paper work together and send it off to the new program. I also gave him a fear hearing date if he wanted to appeal his termination. I would have to say that the last session I had with this client was very effective because at the end the client took responsibility for his actions. I was successful in finding the client an another program called Cumberland clinic- beth isreal methadone clinic in Flatbush, NY.You can also write this paper based on an anticipated ending with a client, by answering all of the questions above based on this anticipated ending.

  • Your paper should be typed and double-spaced. Citations, quotes and references must conform to the APA publication manual. Use the literature from our class readings to demonstrate your understanding of the material and to highlight your points

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