The following is the trial balance of Aroro Enterprise as at 31 August 2019 Particulars Debit (RM) Credit (RM) Capital 48,400 Drawings 3,500 Trade receivables 9,000 Trade payables 12,500 Sales 40,400

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The following is the trial balance of Aroro Enterprise as at 31 August 2019Particulars Debit (RM) Credit (RM)Capital 48,400Drawings 3,500Trade receivables 9,000Trade payables 12,500Sales 40,400Purchases 31,000Sales returns 300Purchases returns 250Wages and salaries 5,600Discounts allowed 120Discounts received 200Provision for doubtful debts 300Insurance 700Inventory as at 1 September 2018 2,400Utilities 950Rates 350Premises 10,000Fixtures and fittings 3,000Motor van 20,000Cash in hand 330Cash at bank 14,800TOTAL 102,050 102,050Additional information as at 31 August 2019:i. Inventory as at 31 August 2019 amounted RM3,300ii. An entity from whom there is accounts receivables of RM200 was unable tosettle his debt and this amount is to be written off as bad debts.iii. The provision for doubtful debts is 1% of the outstanding trade receivables.iv. The owner took RM100 worth of goods from the business for his own useRequired:a) Statement of Profit or Loss and Others Comprehensive Income for the yearEnded 31 August 2019.b) Statement of Financial Position as at 31 August 2019.

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