The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement

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The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement

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Either you have the Goal book or download it from e-book or Kindle I will add the e-book value as tip . I have it as e-book from Kindle but cannot download it to attach .

Format:The written report should be typed, double-spaced, approximately five pages in length using twelve-point font and one inch margins.

Content:Your report should address the following questions.

(1)What is “the goal” of a business?

(2)There are three measures for determining progress in achieving the goal.Define/explain these three measures.

(3)Who is Herbie and what does he represent?Explain in some detail.

(4)Discuss methods, in detail, for dealing with bottlenecks.Make sure your discussion includes the drum-buffer-rope concepts.

  1. We commonly find a lack of balance and the existence of bottlenecks in non-manufacturing processes as well.Think of an example of a non-manufacturing process where you work/have worked and demonstrate that you understand Goldratt’s philosophy by explaining how it applies to this process.Be very specific in your description and be sure to clearly illustrate the drum-buffer-rope concepts in your example.If you have not worked full-time yet in your career, choose a process here at the University or some other organization that you are familiar with.

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