The Prince & Of Cannibals

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For this discussion post, complete the following:

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  1. Discuss one way the ideas addressed in The Prince and “Of Cannibals” are applicable to modern life. Be sure to cite passages from each text and to explain how a specific example from personal experience or current events connects to the passages you’ve quoted.
  2. How do the two secondary sources, “Of Cannibals, Kings, and Culture” and “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema” connect to either of the readings this week? Cite one passage from either text and show how it connects to one of the primary (“The Prince” or “Of Cannibals”) texts.

Requirements: 1. Reveals a solid understanding of the topic as evidenced by thoughtful original posts, responses, and questions. Provides new information on a regular basis. The posts show solo exploration. Introduces a different interpretation to an idea that wakes up the class.

2.Complete sentences, clear organization, grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. Always cites sources.

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