The Scale of Effective School Discipline and Safety (SESDS)

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Assignment Title: The Scale of Effective School Discipline and Safety (SESDS)

You’re conducting an analysis of multiple teacher perspectives at the Lacy School of last
week’s Module 1 Analysis, in order to get a sense of their teachers’ overall ability and readiness to embark upon successful implementation of PBSS.

For this week’s written assignment, you will analyze mock data from the survey
results of their Scale of Effective School Discipline and Safety (SESDS). You will use the data to analyze five teachers’
attitudes and perceptions relative to the status of school-wide and teacher approaches to discipline and behavior
management. These teachers hypothetically represent the perspectives of the entire school. Part I focuses on your
calculation of accurate figures that you will analyze in Part 2. You’ll research the literature then only in order to support and
verify your analytical perspectives of Parts 2 and 3.

Document Content Guidelines for This Assignment:

  • Begin this and all of our written assignments by referring to your Written Assignment Rubric for comprehensive
    guidelines on scholarly, professional writing. You’ll want to keep in mind that the cornerstone of scholarly and
    professional writing is clear, informative, organized, and appropriately-formatted content.
  • In keeping with APA parameters, and as described within your Canvas assignment, you will include at minimum
    the required…

 Introduction-1 paragraph

 Body-Several paragraphs

 Conclusion-1 paragraph

  • Utilize as headings within your submission, the within the
    guidelines below. Note that you Introduction is not labeled as such in formal APA style. When I review your paper, I
    expect to see ALL of the green-highlighted headings and subheadings below on your paper, with a ‘well-developed’
    responsive paragraph of 6-8 sentences minimum below each of the headings (or 4-5 sentences minimum if a ‘brief’
    paragraph is required).
  • Observe APA ‘leveling’ guidelines:
    Get in the habit of utilizing formal APA heading formatting by levels, you’ll find a flawless explanation and great samples
  • Respond thoroughly, at minimum, as directed by the requirements below.
  • A “well-developed” paragraph, for our purposes, is regarded as one containing six to eight carefully-written,
    clear, fully-descriptive sentences.
    A “brief” paragraph, for our purposes, is regarded as one containing four to five carefully-written, clear, fully-
    descriptive sentences.

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