Theater : 13 Matching Questions

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Match the job description with the correct person.

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A. Scene Designer G. Stage Manager M. Director

B. Lighting Designer H. Costume Designer N. Makeup Designer

C. Sound Designer I. Technical Director O. Prop Master

D. Master Carpenter J. Master Electrician P. Master Painter

E. Stagehand K. Master Draper Q. Playwright

F. Actor L. House Manager R. Producer

1. ______ Structures the dramatic action of the story.

2. ______ Creates the emotional reality of the character.

3. ______ Handles the business aspects of the production.

4. ______ Is the designer most concerned with visual identification of character.

5. ______ Develops a hanging plot and focus chart for ellipsoidals and fresnels.

6. ______ Is in charge of the show once it’s opened.

7. ______ Might build a latex prosthetic if a young actor is to play an old character.

8. ______ Is in charge of the crew that builds flats and platforms.

9. ______ Is most concerned with creating blocking, and the overall concept of the show.

10. ______ Is the one job in the theatre that has changed least since the Greek classical era.

11. ______ Serves as director’s assistant during rehearsals, and maintains the show once it is open.

12. ______ Develops a ground plan of the set.

13. ______ Person primarily concerned with the safety and comfort of the audience.

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