Topoc 5 DQ 2

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Please write a paragraph with your opinion based on the text bellow. Please include citations and references in case you need to used for the question:

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After a disaster, for example a school shooting which would be manmade, individuals, communities, and health care providers can lose hope. Believe that they will no longer have happiness, do not know how they will go on living life and Lose faith in humanity. They may also question God, as to why this would happen, or perhaps question what kind of God would allow this to happen, or choose not to believe any longer.

As a community health nurse we can listen, guide and assist the individual and/or community. We need to validate the way that they feel. We cannot tell them that they are wrong for or not feeling that way. We may tell them that this is a normal way to feel after such an event. If there are feelings of guilt we need to validate that too, however, let them know you believe it is not their fault. We can lead by example, showing that we still have faith in people and the community. When a community works together after a disaster there is a bond where faith and spirituality can be restored when lost.

I can relate this to working with victims of sexual assault. They sometimes have these same feelings. While working with them I listen, believe, and validate their feelings. I also let them know that what happened is not their fault. Spirituality and faith can be restored in this situations through the support of the nurse during the visit continued by support of the advocate and possibly family or friends (if they chose to tell them) after the visit.

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