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1)The Scientific Revolution is often described as a “watershed” in humanity which divides all human history before and after it.Do you agree or disagree?Describe the Scientific Revolution from its beginnings through to Newton and compare it with the earlier views of Aristotle and Ptolemy.

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2)Why was there a French Revolution? What were the major phases of it?What impact did the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment thinkers have upon it?

NOTE:A Tip on Writing Essays.

When writing your essay, make sure to answer the entire question, not one portion of it.Because the essay questions have been given to you beforehand, they will be graded more strictly, since you have been given time to prepare beforehand.It would be wise to write out an outline of your possible answers as you prepare for the test to help you study.

Make sure to back up your general claims with specifics from your readings, lectures, and discussions.

For example, if the question were:

Why was irrigation important to the formation of the Great River Civilizations?

An answer that only begins to say:

“Plants needed irrigation to live.”

is headed for a grade of C or worse.After all, you didn’t have to take this class to know that.The key is to show the instructor that you have done the readings, attended class, and thought about both.For example, if the answer instead began:

“The Large scale irrigation projects of both Egypt and Mesopotamia demanded a high level of political and social organization to work properly, possibly leading to class divisions and hierarchies.For example, …[give example]… as mentioned in McKay, while it was mentionedin the lecture that… [give example] …”

[NOTE:Don’t have to memorize exact quotes, just the idea.]

This essay is heading for a much higher grade.Notice how the broad answer has real content and then is backed up with specifics from readings and class.

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