two paragraphes of discussion

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Journal Citation in the following form: First-author surname, First-author given name et al (if >1 authors). Article Title. Journal Name (year of publication) Volume, Issue, page numbers. [e.g.- Wujcik, Evan K. et al. An acetylcholinesterase-inspired biomimetic toxicity sensor. Chemosphere (2013) 91, 1176–1182.]

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Overview paragraph This paragraph will answer the following questions, in relation to the article: Why are the researchers conducting this research/who will this work benefit? What was done in the past, and how does this research improve upon it? What is innovative about this work…if anything? What fabrication methods are used? What materials are used? What is the analyte/species being sensed? What characterization methods are used? What is the detection method? What is the transduction method? Can the sensor be classified by a lecture (or combination) we saw in class? What is concluded? What is the planned direction of the work/what are the researchers’ future plans for the work? This paragraph’s information will be strictly taken from the article…but in your own words, not copy-pasted. The entire journal review (including headings and paragraphs) should be single spaced and typed with a 10-12 point common font (Arial or Times New Roman). The entire review (not including heading and citation) should fall in the range of 550-600 words. I do not need a hard copy.

Impression paragraph This paragraph will be your “review” of the article. Things to include/look for within the article: Is the article in well-written, proper English? Did the researchers actually accomplish what they set out to do? Is their work a large or insignificant improvement over what was done before? Is everything labeled correctly or do some parts (e.g. – references to figures, labels on figures, table headings, etc.) not match up? Is the concept of the article clear and does it come across easily/is it well explained or confusing? Were the methods completed ethically? Lastly: Did you enjoy the article? What did you like/dislike about it

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