two summary article, total three paragraph

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there are two articles. For each article, summararize the article

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with one paragraph. The paragraphs should be 250 words, or less.

Also, please provide a a third paragraph. The third paraph should
summarize how the articles will shape your “decision making” as a
manager, a business ower, or an individual with dealing with a personal
legal issue. The paragraph should answer, “what are you looking for in
attorney”. It should answer how you will “manage” that relationship to
avoid unnecessary loss of time and cost.

There is no “one” right answer for the third paragraph. However, it
should make sense for what you are dealing with and looking for in an
attorney. It should show that you understand what the two articles are

You are the “manager”. Remain professional, but poignant. You, your
company, or your business are paying the cost for attorney fees. This
paragraph should also be 250 words, or lesss.

Please inbox your responses on Canvas. You can also submit your

responses under Homework #1, under Assignments. (We will give it a try.

In business, efficiency is a priority.) You can also ask question about

the asssignment under the “Discussion” section.

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