U.S. Domestic and Economic Policy

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U.S. Domestic and Economic Policy

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A close examination of the Article II of the Constitution (Executive Branch) suggests that the founding fathers, leery of tyrannical monarchs, deliberately made vague the powers and responsibility of the president. Yet the institution of the presidency has grown, over time. This expansion of presidential power and the growth of the federal bureaucracies, through executive interpretation of Article II of the Constitution, is a dominant feature of the modern presidency.

The growth of modern presidential power coincides with the growth of the federal budget. Every year the Office of Management and Budget provides a detailed summary of the President’s proposed budget. You can review the federal budget.

The federal budget spends close to four trillion dollars a year. The federal budget is split between mandatory (what the federal government has to spend due to congressional legislation) and discretionary spending (what the federal government spends as a result of congressional allotment). Roughly speaking, mandatory spending accounts for two-thirds of the federal budget and discretionary spending accounts for one-third of the federal budget.

Directions: If you were an economic adviser to the president of the United States how would you adjust the federal budget to address your concerns regarding federal, domestic spending?

Select two federal departments, administrations, or agencies detailed in the President’s proposed budget

Within the Table of Contents of the President’s proposed budget you will see a list of all the federal departments, administrations, and agencies.

In light of growing federal deficits, make specific arguments for deficit spending or cuts within each selected department, administration, or agency.

Can you make response each person posted below? from #1 to 3.

1. From: Stephenie Welch posted Apr 6, 2018 8:03 PM

Once I started really looking into the Federal budget and digging into some different articles it is obvious that the Federal budget has plenty of room for improvement. A lot is spent in the department of transportation. I also noticed a huge increase in Military pay which in my personal opinion is a great thing. Another issue that has come into the card game is the Wall that President Trump proposed and the huge amount of funds that it is going to take. Approximately 2.6 billion dollars. That seems like a lot. Where is that money going to come from when we as a nation are already grossly in dept.

2. From: James Conley posted Apr 5, 2018 10:43 PM

After looking into the Federal Budget, you can see many areas where improvement is needed. Just a couple that stand out to me are the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Transportation. There are so many issues/concerns in both areas that need considered for change or closely watched.

The Department of Homeland Security has recent found its head right in the middle of a huge issue…the Wall. The study I found stated that the wall would cost approximately 2.6 billion dollars. This is a lot of money being thrown into something so many do not agree with and we don’t even know if it will work. I am one of those skeptical about the wall; this is a lot of money that could easily be used within our military, for our troops and their families

The Department of Transportation has had it issue for quite some time; ranging from as a serious accident on railways to the condition of our roadways. Several millions of dollars are spent on our roadways for improvement and adding new needed roadways, just to turn around and bust those up. Several roadways in Indiana have brought up possible adding tolls to assist for the moneys, roadways, require for maintenance and upkeep. For this as long as the communities are not taken advantage of, then why not.

3. Danny Murnan posted Apr 6, 2018 3:12 PM

Hello Class!

I think trump should reconsider his budget for the construction of the Mexican border wall as well as add more money to the Department of transportation.

In the Department of Homeland Security:

Too much money is budgeted for the Mexican border wall. I’m not an architect nor am I a political figure, but I feel that the wall would be immensely unnecessary. I don’t feel Mexico or Mexican immigrants to be a danger to us. I feel the opposite. Many immigrants take the jobs nobody particularly wants in this country therefore, they help contribute to the economy.

Critical investments include $1.6 billion for construction of the border wall and $782 million to hire and support 2,750 additional law enforcement officers and agents at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The Budget also requests $2.5 billion for detaining up to 47,000 illegal aliens on a daily basis. (GPO, 2018).

In the Department of Transportation:

Too little money is budgeted for fixing and maintaining roads. There is a 3.7 billion dollar decrease in funding from last year. I don’t agree with this at all there are too many potholes and winter supplies shortages said to be because of budgeting issues that the previous larger budget could not satisfy, I’m nervous as to see how bad the roads get now that we have even a smaller budget. The Budget requests $15.6 billion in discretionary budget authority for 2019 ( GPO,2018).


Government Publishing Office. (2018). An American Budget. Retrieved from



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