Understanding internal alignment and external competitiveness to actual pay rates for specific jobs, business and finance homework help

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Compensation data for numerous jobs are more available due to the existence of various websites. The website of www.salary.com provides pay data for numerous jobs in different companies in different industries in different cities throughout the U. S. This case challenges students to apply their understanding of the key concepts of internal alignment and external competitiveness to actual pay rates for specific jobs.

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After examining the website, answer the following questions in your response in a 300-400 word essay:

Your essay should:

  • Have an introduction, body, and conclusion
  • Have indented paragraphs
  • Have a minimum of 2 sources
  • Sources should be cited and referenced in APA style

1. Which jobs are paid more or less? Is this what you would have expected? Why or why not? What factors could explain the differences in the salaries?

2. Do the jobs have different bonuses as a percentage of their base salaries? What could explain these differences?

3. How could you use this information while negotiating your salary in your job after graduation? What data would you provide to support your “asking price?” What factors will influence whether or not you get what you ask for?


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