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15-20 slides, not including cover or reference slides

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Many people throughout the United States face significant barriers to
health care access. As policy makers and other stakeholders consider
ways to address challenges related to access to care, one key area of
focus involves those who lack insurance or have inadequate coverage
through insurance. Submit a PowerPoint presentation of 15–20 slides in
which you address the following:

  • Consider the different stakeholders and perspectives impacted by
    health policy. How does access to insurance differ from access to care?
    Provide 1 specific example from your personal or professional life or
    from current events to support your response, and explain why this
    distinction is important.
  • How does the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of
    2010 address access to insurance? What do you see as the ultimate goal
    of expanding insurance coverage?
  • If access to insurance coverage and medical care are increased
    through health care reform, what unanticipated consequences might arise?
    List the consequences associated with health stakeholders and

Note: Your presentation must be formatted in APA
style with 4 quality references, 2 of which are peer-reviewed sources
from health care journals.


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