Unit 1 memo 1

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You were recently hired to serve as a staff member for Senator Paul W. Boller, a junior senator from Virginia. Senator Boller serves on the Senate Committee on Armed Services. Desiring to learn the basics, Senator Boller wants to understand the constitutional framework for National Security Law and the constitutional powers and limits of each branch of government as it relates to national security law. Based solely on the assigned cases and notes in chapters 2-5, write Senator Boller an organized memo summarizing 1) what case law says is the constitutional powers and limits of each branch of government in national security matters, and 2) the constitutional framework and legal considerations set out in the Steel Seizure case for analyzing national security law matters. Support the memo’s assertions with cites and quote from the cases contained in the textbook. Use headings. Discuss all major legal issues from the reading.

The memo will be graded on (1) organization, writing and grammar; (2) identification of all relevant legal issues (i.e., all major powers and limits of each branch of government); and (3) correct statement of the law and summary of relevant cases. 


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