Unit 3 Individual Project Offender Classification

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Library Research Assignment
There are 2 general models to consider when discussing treatment of offenders. First is the medical model, which focuses on psychological evaluation and creating a treatment plan that corresponds with the evaluation.
The second model is known as the psycho/social/behavioral model. This model uses several methods, including a risk assessment and a thorough treatment prescription process. The psycho/social/behavioral model looks at all aspects of the offender’s life.
Compare and contrast the medical and psychological/sociological/behavioral models.
Assignment Guidelines:
•Using the library, course materials, textbook, and Web resources, research the 2 models of correctional treatment. ◦What are the advantages and disadvantages of the medical model? Explain.
◦What are the advantages and disadvantages of the psycho/social/behavioral model? Explain.
◦How are these 2 models similar?
◦Based on what you have found, which model do you believe is the most appropriate for assessing special-needs offenders?
•Compile your responses into a PowerPoint presentation of 7–10 slides. ◦Be sure to include speaker notes for each slide.
Please submit your assignment.

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