Unit 6 Assignment Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous

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For this Assignment, you will attend an Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meeting either in your area (in person) or online (resources are provided below). After you attend the meeting, write a reflection of your experience using information from the assigned Reading. Remember that these meetings are anonymous so do not provide specific information about others who attend the meeting. Write a 2-page paper explaining your experience using the format below (copy/paste it into a document).

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To find local NA/AA meetings:

Support Group Finder

411.org (Type in your area for a listing of local NA/AA meetings.)

To attend an online NA/AA meeting:

Open AA Meeting Online

Open NA Meeting Online

Support Meeting Reflection

Meeting Setting: Virtual/live

In this section, explain the structure of the meeting including how it began, how people were arranged in the room (live) or how people participated (online), how the was meeting facilitated, and how it concluded.

Reflection of Experience

In this section, reflect on how you felt before and after attending the meeting. Explain any significant experiences that you had while in the meeting (e.g., were you surprised by people’s responses to each other). If this is your first recovery support group, explain whether the experience was as you imagined. If you have attended them, how this was different?

Building on the Experience I — Group Leadership

In this section, cast yourself as a group leader or facilitator. How would you help to develop, maintain, and strengthen trusting relationships in the group? If you yourself have trust issues, what might you do to address them? What leadership skills do you possess? Are you good at conflict resolution or at making others feel respected and comfortable? How could you enhance your leadership skills?

Building on the Experience II — Civic Leadership

In this section, imagine that it has come to your attention that there is no mutual help group in the rural area where you agency provides services. The closest option is an AA group in a neighboring town. The meeting site is about 30 minutes away. Many of your clients do not have transportation. Your supervisor has asked for your help. Brainstorm some possible solutions. How might you go about setting up an AA group? How would you keep it free of charge to participants? Who in your community might help? For example, who might provide free space? Who might donate funds for start-up?

Please make sure to follow all the directions and please make sure the paper is written in APA form this is the text book that we use Wormer, K. Davis, D. (2013) Addiction Treatment: A Strengths Perspective, Third Edition. Retrieved by:https://kaplan.vitalsource.com/#/books/97812850281… and chapter 11 is the chapter we read this unit.


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