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The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states that all Americans are guaranteed the freedom of speech. However, this freedom is regulated by a series of other laws cautioning what is said. Slander, defamation and threats are not protected, for example. Recently, crimes such as cyber-bullying and virtual stalking have received national headlines. Given the nature of recent crimes and the virtual lack of restraint on the web, what are your thoughts on passing federal laws to regulate the World Wide Web in the United States? Should you be able to post whatever you want on social media?

  1. Student are to learn about the Elonis: Facebook ruling. Please view this information and read the accompanying article

3. To complete:

A general summary of the case. (2 Paragraphs of 5-8 sentences each)What are the two sides to this issue? Who is Elonis and what did he do?

Any other pertinent facts. You can use quotes from the article provided.

How did the Supreme Court rule and what was their justification for the ruling? = 15 points

b. Your opinions: (2 paragraphs of 5-8 sentences each) = 15 points

What are your opinions about this case? Do you believe the Supreme Court ruling was just?

Would a federal law regulating Internet usage go against the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment? Does the Internet need some sort of regulatory law protecting all those that use it? Can you think of examples of content many may think should be regulated, such as threats, racism and slander? Do you feel it should be regulated? Why or why not?

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