US History Final Ch5-8 Jounal #2

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Locke, J. L., and Wright, B., Editors,The American Yawp, 2019, Stanford University Press Edition

Final Exam

  • This exam covers the assigned chapters in Lessons 5 – 8.
  • It is not a practice exercise.
  • It is part of your grade.
  • This exam has a time limit of 2 hours.
  • The exam consists of: 40 multiple choice questions, 10 true/false questions, 2 short answer questions, and 1 essay question.
  • In the essay portion of the exam, you will be given a choice of two essays to write on. Make sure to write on ONLY ONE of the essay choices.
  • Note that both the essay and short answer portions of the exam have a grading rubric that can be viewed prior to taking the exam
  • Journal #2
    For this activity, topics should address content covered in Chapters 9 – 15 in the textbook.
      • It is expected that, at a minimum, you are reading the assigned textbook chapters.
      • You are encouraged to read collateral historical writings on topics covered in the textbook.
    • This activity will consist of 10 separate journal entries; you will have a total of 20 entries by the end of the course.
    • Each separate entry should:
      • Be titled as Entry 1, Entry 2, Entry 3, etc.
      • Contain a minimum of 120 words.
      • Consist of a summary, paraphrase, synthesis of material you are reading/studying in this course.
      • Be written in your own words- do not quote the work of others verbatim.
      • Discuss the subject matter that you are studying – do not simply agree/disagree.
    • Your study involves, first and foremost, learning the nation’s past; doing so requires a review of previously published studies, so you are encouraged to conduct research using outside resources, but be sure to draft your journal entries in your own words.

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